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Top 5 Reasons You Should Live in Portugal

Are you planning to move to Europe, but your finances are holding you back? Have you considered settling in Portugal? If that’s the case, keep on reading.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should live in Portugal!

Affordable but roomy and beautiful houses

Moving into a new country requires a new place, of course. In Portugal, paying rent or searching for new properties will be much easier. The majority of the prices are very affordable, especially in smaller towns. Either way, the properties are spacious and dainty, making it a perfect steal. 

Inexpensive cost of living

Many expatriates can attest that prices from food, entertainment, transportation, and utilities are much more affordable compared to other European countries. In all of Europe, particularly the western part, Portugal landed on the second spot as the cheapest in the region.

A haven for digital nomads

And by that, we mean reliable internet connection. The availability of beautiful and efficient co-working spaces is not lacking when in Portugal. It makes the country a haven for digital nomads of all ages.

Stunning beaches

Portugal is home to beautiful coastal areas. You can marvel at the views of their fascinating sunrise, pristine waters, and alluring white sands. On top of that, due to its geographical location, Portugal is also a famous surfing spot!

English is widely spoken

If going around the country and communicating what you need is a factor for you, that is not a problem if you move to Portugal. English is widely spoken since there are thousands of foreigners settled here. However, you can still learn the language (and more) and practice being a local.

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