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Top 5 Portuguese Cities You Should Discover

Welcome to the oldest country in Europe! Undoubtedly, Portugal is overflowing with wisdom, history, and culture. It may be relatively lesser in landmass compared to its counterparts, but Portugal boasts an enormous number of stunning sceneries, delectable dishes, successful products, and exports. 

Not sure where to start with your Portuguese escapade? Here are the top 5 Portuguese cities you should discover!


If you want to explore a city away from the hustlin’ and bustlin’, this is the place for you. Most of the expatriates in Portugal go to Braga as it is a budget-friendly spot for an adventure. Situated in the northwestern region,  Braga is famous for its religious venues, rich traditions, and magnificent gardens like the Garden of Barbara.


Coimbra joins Braga in the list of the most affordable cities in Portugal. Food, lifestyle, and recreation? You can avail of these at a low cost in this city. The city’s weather is warm and pleasant, making this a factor to consider by most expatriates. In addition, they move in here as they find it to have a better workplace vibe. You’d also love it here for their festivals and nightlife.


Of course, the list of the top 5 Portuguese cities you should discover wouldn’t be complete without the country’s capital in it. Most of the expatriates consider Lisbon as their top choice. You will get to see a lot of foreigners strolling and enjoying the city, basking in the sun at the beach, marveling at the incredible architecture, and trying on different Portuguese cuisines. It may be Portugal’s capital, but you don’t have to worry about going around Lisbon because numerous traveler-friendly modes of transportation can take you to Lisbon’s oldest district and a lot of spectacular spots in the city.


If you appreciate Lisbon, you’ll be fond of Porto too! Porto is named the second-largest city in Portugal. The weather is also mild, temperate, with rainfalls – which you can predominantly expect during the winter. When in Porto, don’t miss out on their sweets and yummy dishes, lots of ancient churches, unique Port wine cellars, appreciate the baroque architecture and snap a photo at the Azulejos tiles.


It is the most famous summer vacation spot for foreigners as the city mostly speaks English more than the rest of Portugal. Other than the ease of communication, sunny beaches, restaurants, bars, and weather attract a lot of expatriates to the city. And this makes Albufeira a must-see!

Enjoy your Portuguese adventure!

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